Student Council Officers

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Student Council is a small group of students who talk about projects and events for Sequoyah Middle School. They do most of their planning during their TA class to help the school be a better and more exciting place to be. Mrs. Sullivan is the leader of this group for the first time this year. Student council students love helping other students learn and have fun.

The student council group has voted and this years Student Council officers are President Paige Thompson, Vice President Marissa Johnson, Secretary Miranda Carey, Treasurer Elisa Pasillas, and Historian is Kinsey Hafen.

The expectations for these positions are simple. For President, they would supervise the rest of the Student Council members. The Vice President will stand in if the President was not able to be there as well as assist the principal in anyway they can. The secretary would prepare agendas for all the meetings. The treasurer is different, this person would take care of the fundraising events for the student body. The historian would take care of the scrapbooks and make sure the pictures are there for all activities.

All these jobs are very important to the rest of the student body. The students that were chosen were picked for a reason and are here to help bring the student body together as a whole. Good luck to those who were chosen and we are excited for the school year to come.