PRO is Affective

Mallie Hefley, Vibe Staff

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At Seqouyah Middle School, Ms. Baskin, a sixth grade Geography teacher, was interviewed and asked questions about the school-wide acronym called PRO. She explained to us that PRO represents different ways to make us and the world around us better each day. PRO really brings out the best of us here at Seouyah and in personal lives.

PRO has six different qualities to bring out the best of us. The “P” stands for positive and prepared. Meaning we should always have a positive attitude and to always be ready for the day. The “R” stands for responsible and respectful. This meaning to always be responsible for our belongings and to show everyone respect. The “O” in PRO stands for on-time and on-task. This simply means to be places on time and to always be doing the correct thing. PRO was started just this year and has worked well for students and teachers at Seqouyah. PRO reminds us to hold ourselves accountable for these different qualities.

If you look around Seqouyah, you will see posters reminding us to be PRO’s all day/everyday. PRO is successful only because all students and teachers work hard to be positive, prepared, responsible, respectful, on-time and on-task during this 2018-2019 school year. PRO has been a great way to live our lives here at Seqouyah Middle School. Keep up the hard work and PRO behavior Sequoyah.