Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Morgan

Liz Beth Chavez, Vibe Staff

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Have you heard of the best theater teacher at Sequoyah? She started teaching in 2006 at Northern High School in Flint, Michigan. Her name is the amazing Mrs.Morgan. In fact she loves and enjoys her students and will talk to you about anything. Did you know she has 13 years of experience in Theater, ELA, ELL, and administrating? She loves to read, off road in her Jeep, playing video games, and hanging out with students. She enjoys bodies of water, coffee, quiet mornings, and her family. Though she does love BA she kinda had to move to Oklahoma to marry her husband. She does love her students and will talk things through with you. Because she has been teaching for more that 13 years, she does have a lot of experience. She enjoys doing lots of things espicially rolling around on her Jeep. Someone who inspired her was her Highschool Theater Teacher and her 4th grade teacher because they “saved her life”. She is your school’s theater teacher and she is amazing.