NJHS Volunteering

Ava Kelly, Vibe Staff

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Have you been putting off your NJHS service hours or are you struggling to find opportunities? There are many NJHS members out there that tend to get 10 hours in about 2-3 weeks! How do they do that? And how do I look that great too? I know there are some of us that tend to procrastinate, but in this article there will be some helpful tips and ideas to get your service hours done quickly and efficiently. In order to accomplish your NJHS hours you must figure out what you are doing, plan when you are doing them, and make them a priority.
NJHS hours are fairly easy to do when you know what you are doing. First off you need to figure out what you are doing. It’s important to write a list of ideas and then narrow it down to to about 6-7, so you have fall backs if needed. Second, you need to make a general time frame of when you can do the service hours. The best would be to do about one every month, but if you have the time it would be encouraged for you to do more a month. It’s always good to make sure it’s ok with your parents first though. Third, you need to make them a priority. Making your service hours a priority is a major part of getting them done quick and efficiently.
When accomplishing your service hours know what you are doing, planning the time of action, and lastly prioritize. Make sure to know what you are doing a plan when you are doing them. Let’s get the job done and not procrastinate. Now go out and knock those NJHS hours right off their feet!