Wake Up Sequoyah 10.15.18

October 15, 2018

Wake Up Sequoyah 10.8.18

October 15, 2018


Neo Davis, Vibe Staff

October 11, 2018

Student Council Officers

Mallie Hefley, Vibe Staff

October 7, 2018

Student Council is a small group of students who talk about projects and events for Sequoyah Middle School. They do most of their planning during their TA class to help the school be a better and more exciting place to be. Mrs....

Sequoyah’s New Yearbook

Annabella Nguyen, Vibe Staff

October 7, 2018

What if your yearbook could come to life? The yearbook team is working hard on the 2018-2019 yearbook. This year they have an exciting theme which will bring our yearbook to life. This will allow students to not only cherish our...